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The idea of a Command Officers Organization came to light in early 1976. A steering committee was formed on October 12, 1976, by interested command officers; and, from this meeting, came ideas and recommendations that were implemented with the incorporation of the "State Police Command Officers Association" as a, not-for-profit organization on February, 1977.


The purposes of the association are:
  • Promote and advance the Law Enforcement profession.

  • To unite in common organization, those professionally engaged as Illinois State Police Command Officers.

  • To promote the mutual interests of its members.

  • To promote and encourage the enactment of just and reasonable laws and regulations affecting the Law Enforcement profession.

  • To improve the conditions affecting the State Police as a professional agency.

  • To engage in such other activities as may be necessary and proper to carry out the aforementioned goals.


The association offers an opportunity for command personnel to be more effective in promoting enhancement of their role and the image of the Illinois State Police.

The association offers the opportunity to unite with other associations in efforts toward accomplishing common goals.

THE S.P.C.O.A. :

  • Has achieved a majority membership among Illinois State Police command officers.

  • Enjoys a "meet and confer" status with the Illinois State Police Department Director.

  • Is a voting member of the National Troopers Coalition.

  • Provides legal aid and counsel through the S.P.C.O.A. attorney.

  • Has established direct contact with the Governor, Senators, and Representatives.

  • Cooperates with F.O.P. Lodge 41 on matters of mutual concern.

  • Legal advice and services can be obtained from the S.P.C.O.A. attorney through your local Director. Our S.P.C.O.A. attorney is an experienced professional with an extensive background in police legal services and will be a benefit to you should a need arise.

These benefits are available to you for a minimal dues investment.

  • Initiates and supports legislation to improve retirement benefits.

  • Initiated a department study of the salary span between ranks.

  • Was instrumental in obtaining optical and dental programs through the Illinois State Police Credit Union.

  • Acquires nationwide computer information on other State Police salaries, benefits, etc.


The S.P.C.O.A. presents a strong, unified  voice of the command officers to the Department Director. Your problems, ideas, or suggestions, can be brought to the attention of the Illinois State Police Administration through your local S.P.C.O.A. Director.


Sign and forward a payroll deduction card to your local Director. Membership is on a fiscal year basis renewable each July 1st. Upon receipt by the S.P.C.O.A. Secretary, you will receive:
  • S.P.C.O.A. embroidered baseball cap

  • A distinctive S.P.C.O.A. lapel pin

  • An attractive window decal for your vehicle

  • S.P.C.O.A. bumper sticker


All I.S.P. ranks of Sergeant and above are eligible for membership and above may hold elective office in the association.


SGT and Above - $9.00 a pay period (semimonthly)

Associate - $1.00 a pay period (monthly)

Retired Membership - $5.00 (monthly)

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